Community Guidelines

This community is governed by the following set of standards that apply to all community members and their posts. We reserve the right to remove any material that does not (in our judgment) comply with these standards and to revoke posting privileges at our discretion. In most instances, community members will be warned of offending behavior and repeated warnings may result in suspension and deletion of your profile. Our decisions are considered final.

1. Please be respectful and civil to other players, even in disagreement.
2. Vulgar, profane, or sexually graphic content (messages, member names, crew manifestos, chat, etc.) is not allowed.
3. We do not tolerate threatening, racist, sexist, abusive, hateful, violent, or obscene language or behavior.
4. Participation in, suggesting, or encouraging any illegal activity is cause for immediate deletion and suspension of your account, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
5. Do not flood or spam crew chat.
6. Bullying and excessive griefing will not beĀ tolerated.
7. In game chat should be considered public. Do not post any private information about yourself that you do not wish to be widely available public knowledge. Under no circumstances should you share or post your Card account number with the community.
8. When sharing contact information, please use a private message. It is not recommended to post personal information such as home address or personal telephone numbers. Please be advised that because your User ID will be viewable by the entire game community, you may not want to use your full name as your User ID.
9. Do not give out your Facebook password to anyone, ever. Divisive Media and our representatives will never ask you for your Facebook password in the game or through email correspondence. If anyone requests your Facebook password please report them immediately.

If you violate these guidelines, your profile will be subject to deletion. In the event of deletion, you will not be entitled to any in-game items that you have previously purchased.