Vigilante’s ‘Story Arc Generator’ is Now Live!

The man assisting his terminally ill father with his suicide. The cheating partner. The sex offender released from jail early. The social worker distributing clean needles. The overzealous vigilante. The government official fighting for security increases.

We’ve written literally thousands of clues for NPCs our players can investigate. Through these snapshots, complexities of everyday morality, Vigilante sets a strong, mature tone (with a dry, subversive humour), tackling the types of crimes, behaviour and events that historically spark the suspicions and divided opinions of human interest.

Watching our player community digest these and the feuds, rivalries and alliances that these decisions have made has been incredible. Now though… as the next step in our grand social experiment, it’s time for us to pass that privilege on.

If you think you’ve got the chops to write for games, you should start getting excited right about now because anyone in the world can now write the divisive character arcs that our player base pass judgment on and wage war over night and day, across multiple continents. How? Through our brand new ‘Story Arc Generator’. It’s live now. Right here.

Operating through the Vigilante website, players and, well… anyone really, will be able to write stories of heavy-handed criminals or red herring citizens for our player community to discover and investigate. We even wrote a blog post with tips on how to write a good ‘Story Arc’ in Vigilante.

So why not go and write some stories for our players? Pitch them the hard questions. Make them feel like a caped crusader. And if you are a player… maybe you’ll see your story in-game and get to watch the decisions players make.

Every week we’ll be letting our community know which submitted stories have been chosen for publication in the game.

We can’t wait to see the fantastic stories you all create!

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